Learning Should Be Fun!

What is money?  How do economies work?  Our games are designed to make learning fun, while also sparking creativity and collaboration.


Second Chance Game

Monopoly is winner-take-all. PolyMoney’s Second Chance shows we can all win together.

Why Learning Games?

As children, we learn about money through experiences: finding a coin, earning allowance, or saving to buy something we love.  Many develop their first opinions about money by  playing Monopoly — that it’s important to dominate resources, accumulate money, and bankrupt everyone else.  These thought patterns permeate society and affect our impact on each other and our planet.

PolyMoney games are designed to raise awareness about money and its role in our lives.  Through play, we not only develop basic money skills, but we create new thought patterns — that resources can be shared sustainably, money can foster collaboration and creative exchange, and different types of currency can be designed for different aspects of life.

Local currencies can work with national currencies to support small businesses and local economies.  Time banks can encourage community service and promote public health.  Token systems of all kinds can strengthen connections, build cultures of kindness and appreciation, and enhance our collective well-being.

Thanks to generous support from organizations like Mustardseed and people like you, PolyMoney makes games and apps that are fun and accessible to all.  As a nonprofit, we believe every investment to reimagine money ripples toward a more prosperous future for all.  We hope you’ll consider offering your support by donating to PolyMoney. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.