Our Mission

Prosperity for People and Planet

Money: The Root of Our Matters

As architects, engineers, and activists, we set out to better our world – to make it more beautiful, harmonious, eco-friendly, and fair.  It didn’t take long to realize that, no matter the project, the want of money often overshadowed our nobler goals.

Today, we face looming challenges of climate change, disparity, and social unrest — all linked to our perpetual race for money.  Yet our global monetary system goes largely unnoticed, unquestioned, unexplored.  Stefanie Overbeck, the founder of PolyMoney, set out to change that.

Through her research, Stefanie discovered that money is a matter of design.  Originally invented to facilitate trade, money can be designed to foster collaboration instead competition, renewal instead of waste, and contribution instead of greed.  If we can see money as a flexible tool, we can transform our society.

The mission of PolyMoney is to inspire discovery and transformation of how we see and use money.  To that end, we aim to make learning about money and its role in our lives accessible and fun for everyone.  Our games, podcasts, and meet-ups are 100% not-for-profit, fully supported by generous donors like you.

With renewed clarity and inventive new tools, we envision individuals and communities creating richly inclusive and sustainable economies all over the world.  We are committed to leaving this planet healthier and happier than when we arrived.  To do that, we don’t just “follow the money,” we reimagine it.