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Money shapes how we act.
Now we must act to shape money.

Our Latest Work

Crystal Island Game App

Survival of the CRYSTAL PEOPLE, a digital learning game that motivates players to shift from competition to collaboration.
Currently in beta-testing.

FairyDust* “NOW” App

A block-chain concept that shines light on work people do.
Currently in beta-testing


 It’s a mindshift. It’s like magic.
Psst….! We’ll tell you more soon.
Currently in beta-testing

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Join the conversations with local heros and thought leaders and their ideas about money.
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Connecting innovative communities from around the world.
Physically as well as digitally. Next meet-up in 2020.

Espresso Economics Blog

 Enjoy Easy-to-read articles about ground-breaking projects and inspiring pioneers. 

About PolyMoney

We develop games, media, meet-ups, and concepts that inspire new thinking about money, and empower inclusive, eco-friendly communities to thrive.

In today’s world, money is power.

It shapes our lives, fuels organizations, and makes society grow.  But our monetary system is outdated.  Blind-eyed production, consumption, and waste no longer results in happy people or healthy communities.

Instead, we face crippling disparity, disastrous climate change, and global unrest — all stemming from single-minded pursuit of financial wealth.

It’s time to evolve.

People all over earth are fighting to redirect the flow of money, to distribute money more equitably, and to invest money in more holistic and sustainable ways.  These important causes are worthy of widespread support.  PolyMoney expands that strategy with a unique new approach.

We believe that money itself can be designed to optimize the well-being of people AND planet.  Thanks to smart phones and block-chain technology, we can create new currencies customized to:

Empower marginalized communities

    Nourish and rejuvenate our ecosystem

    Encourage collaborative creativity, and

    Build a compelling vision for our future

To that end, we produce educational games, digital media, meet-ups, and new kinds of currency that inspire us all to reimagine money and co-create a world that works for everyone.

Our Team

This is us. From me to we, evolving our money system so everyone wins.

Stefanie B. Overbeck

is the founder of Polymoney and inventor of Polymoney learning games, a series of learning games about money and empowerment. Stefanie believes in free education for all.

Patrick Zumwald

an architect and dedicated father, sees all children growing up in communities that empower wholehearted pursuit of their dreams. Patrick magically brings concepts into reality, and keeps our projects on track.

Mel Wymore

a systems engineer and long-time activist, is driven by a vision of exuberant communities connecting through all kinds of currency.  Mel invented Baton and FairyDust*, a special currency that makes good deeds shine.

Ryan Su

Ryan is a game developer that believes that games have the power to incite change.

Tanja Aertebjerg

a community organizer, believes in the power of collaborative creativity to make our world a better place.

Yara Zheib

a writer and economist, wants to provide everyone with opportunities to learn and become part of the common good.

Riley Paul

a writer, producer, and performer, brings imagination and texture that makes even complex concepts fun to listen and learn.

Kazmuir Long

constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques, Kazmuir is a web developer driven by the pursuit of accessibility and proper user experience across the digital space.

PolyMoney was founded on the shoulders of Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer.

Without their enthusiasm and academic support, our work to create accessible learning games like Crystal Island, develop mind-shifting concepts like FairyDust*, and convene change makers from around the globe would not have happened.

Margrit Kennedy +2013

an architect, ecologist, professor and money expert, is the author of the international best-seller “Interest and Inflation Free money.” Margrit was renowned for her advocacy of alternative regional currencies, and of creating an economy in which everyone wins.

Bernard Lietaer +2019

a monetary economist, conducted ground-breaking research that sparked the development of local economies through the introduction of complementary currencies.

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Stefanie B. Overbeck, founder

“Our games, podcast episodes, blog articles, meet-ups and currencies are designed to empower you and make re-imagining money interesting and fun. When we can see money as a tool for social change, we can build local economies grounded in collaborative creativity, stewardship of our natural resources, and a commitment to shared prosperity.

Our aim is to raise our collective conscious and forge a compelling pathway into a future where everyone wins.”