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Money shapes how we act.
Now we must act to shape money.

This is us. From me to we, evolving our money system so everyone wins.

Stefanie B. Overbeck

is the founder of Polymoney and inventor of Polymoney learning games, a series of learning games about money and empowerment. Stefanie is trained a green architect with a passion for designing societies that work for everyone.

Patrick Zumwald

an architect and dedicated father, sees all children growing up in communities that empower wholehearted pursuit of their dreams. Patrick magically brings concepts into reality, and keeps our projects on track.

Mel Wymore

a systems engineer and long-time activist, is driven by a vision of exuberant communities connecting through all kinds of currency.  Mel invented Baton and FairyDust*, a special currency that makes good deeds shine.

Yara Zheib

a writer and economist, wants to provide everyone with opportunities to learn and become part of the common good.

Bernard Lietaer

a monetary economist, conducted ground-breaking research that sparked the development of local economies through the introduction of complementary currencies.

Tanja Aertebjerg

a community organizer, believes in the power of collaborative creativity to make our world a better place.

Riley Paul

a writer, producer, and performer, brings imagination and texture that makes even complex concepts fun to listen and learn.

Ryan Su

Ryan is a game developer that believes that games have the power to incite change.

In thanks to Bernard Lietaer

Our friend, mentor, and money expert Bernard Lietaer passed away earlier today, 4th February 2019.  In Bernard’s passing, we’ve lost not only a kind and generous heart, but also a ground-breaking thinker who inspired the work of thousands of innovators, including many female economists who deserve recognition.

PolyMoney was founded on the shoulders of Bernard Lietaer and Margit Kennedy.  Without their enthusiasm and academic support, our work to create accessible learning games like Crystal Island, develop mind-shifting concepts like FairyDust*, and convene changemakers from around the globe would never have happened.

Bernard opened my eyes to a universe I had not noticed before.  Our countless conversations always embodied a deep sense of collaboration and a shared wish to bring good to the world.  I recently visited Bernard to thank him for his incredible, foundational contributions.  He expressed gratitude for “the good fun work” and encouraged us to “keep on going through the apocalypse we are currently in.”  Then we broke into laughter wondering which one of us is actually better off.

I already miss Bernard’s humor, his sharp insight, and the knowledge he so generously shared.  It’s more important than ever to carry on with our work.  Bernard’s latest book is well underway and will likely be published this year.  Maybe from beyond this life he will help in new, unimaginable ways.  No doubt, we’ll know very soon.

Love to all,

Stefanie, Founder of Polymoney

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